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stream energy dipping south and the trough object that jet stream has captured the storm and is accelerating it. speeding the system up. it's doubled in speed in just the last three hours. it may speed up even more. we think official landfall on the center of sandy is likely to occur before 4 p.m. so we're talking another max hour and a half before sandy is ashore. she's just under 100 miles off shore but up to 30 miles an hour. she may accelerate here. you say oh, we're almost through. this thing is about to make landfall. not even close, unfortunately. sandy's going to sling shot in right around new jersey, north maryland, north delaware, and then stall out. then we'll have sandy churning right on top of us through the next day, day and a half. we really won't begin to clear out until probably halloween. tomorrow certainly the hurricane force conditions will be done, but we will not be done with the heavy flooding. rains will not be done with damaging wind gusts. and again, just an amazing, amazing power house rainstorm in sandy. let's give you comparables. first what t
a at -- including fema and agencies that will be helping with the recovery efforts, the department of energy, the department of transportation, the department of homeland security, and the department of health and human services. everyone is a bear -- everyone is aware that this will be big and powerful storm. across the eastern seaboard, everyone is taking a corporate preparations. i have spoken to all of the governors in all of these states. they have issued emergency declarations. those have been turned around quickly here in the white house. we have been three position assets so that fema personnel are working closely with state and local governments. we're making sure that food and water and emergency generation is available for those communities that will be hardest hit. we anticipate that the center of the storm will hit landfall sometime this evening. but because of the nature of the storm, we're certain that this will be a slow-moving process through a wide swath of the country. and millions of people will be affected. the most important message that i have for the public right now
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2